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As of April 22, 2010 rule repair, lead paint and renovation assigned by the Agency for Environmental Protection (EPA) of the United States will be in effect.

Under the new rule, EPA certification is required and specific safe work practices lead should be followed by any individual disturbing more than six meters square painted on an interior (twenty square meters on the outside), this as part of working in homes built before 1978, schools and other buildings.

The new rule requires that contractors comply with the prerequisites to renewal. Requirements such as education, training, certification and accreditation standards also work practices, subsequent renewal verification of cleaning and maintenance of records and files.

The contractors will have to complete a training course of 8 hours accredited by the EPA, which teaches contractors how to comply with the provisions of that regulation. In addition to training, the contractors will have to apply for certification of their companies through the EPA and adopt specific work practices learned in the training of 8 hours.

EPA is authorized to impose fines ($ 37.500 per violation, per day) and penalties on contractors and companies that do not comply with this rule. Having knowledge of regulation and voluntary standards violations by contractors or companies can even result in imprisonment.

For some, in the current economic climate, this would be a competitive advantage that can mean the difference between financial stability and fall. Most cities, counties, school districts and local governments have taken note of this new federal requirement and inevitably this will require EPA certification of its suppliers (contractors, workers).


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