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Our Exam Prep Courses cover tabbing and highlighting your books, math guidance, and exam strategies that teach you how to study and how to pass the exam. FLCI will provide you with all of the insight and tools you need to make this venture a success.

You will receive course manual(s) with practice questions covering all of your reference books in depth, as well as practice exams. All sections have detailed answer sheets which provide the correct answers, the reference page numbers, and math solutions.

Our classroom Exam Prep course includes practice exams and reviews.

Trade Knowledge

The Trade Knowledge examination consists of two different tests, administered in the same day, one in the morning – Contract Administration – the second one – Project Management – takes place in the afternoon. 

The tests are independent from each other, meaning the student may pass either one of them, and only the failed test will be more

Business & Finance

The Business and Financial Management Examination is mandatory for all first time applicants for a State of Florida contracting license, regardless of the type of license required.

Once an applicant has obtained a license, and he is applying for additional licenses, this particular examination is not required to obtain those other additional more

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Florida Licenses and Corporations Inc./Florida Contractor Exam Prep School offers courses for the following State Categories:

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Construction Industry Licensing Board Examination Fees Restructured:

Business & Finance plus Trade Knowledge or Contract Administration/Project Management:

$135.00 examination development and application fee payable to PTI You can pay the total fee of $215.00 ($135.00 to PTI and $80.00 to DBPR for exam administration).

$80.00 examination administration fee payable to DBPR, but mailed to PTI, if you are using a check or pay PTI $215.00 by using your credit card to cover both.

$80.00 examination administration fee payable to Pearson VUE when you schedule your exam for Business and Finance.

$295.00 total Contract Administration, Project Management, or Trade Knowledge only: $135.00 examination development and application fee payable to PTI $80.00 examination administration fee payable to DBPR, but mailed to PTI or pay PTI $215.00 by using your credit card to cover both.

$215.00 total Business and Finance Exam only: $135.00 examination development and application fee payable to PTI $80.00 examination administration fee payable to Pearson VUE $215.00 total Fees are to be paid directly to the VENDOR and NOT DBPR or you may encounter delays in scheduling since the check will be rerouted to the vendor.

The time for the computer based exam will be 6.5 hours, six hours and thirty minutes, including pilot questions. ALERT: Attention Examination Candidates The Department of Business and Professional Regulation cannot recommend or endorse any particular professional school or bookstore.

The department cannot take responsibility for the quality or cost of services provided by these institutions. Additionally, please be aware of false information in circulation, regarding “special calculators” and/or “exam questions,” answers and references that Florida uses.  This includes the sale of these exam questions, described as “necessary tools” to pass the licensure exam. These claims are false. Beware of any party requesting payment of licensing fees up front in order to secure your license after passing the exam.

If you have any questions or wish to verify specific information, please contact the department at 850.487.1395 or via email at Translation Dictionaries

To better serve our “English as second language” candidates, the Bureau of Education and Testing is permitting the use of foreign language translation dictionaries ONLY. Dictionaries that contain definitions of words, explanations of words or handwritten notes may not be used.

In order to maintain security and to ensure fairness to all candidates, candidates are limited to the use of a single dictionary. Please note that we no longer provide a list of specific dictionaries which are approved. Instead, any dictionary that meets the criteria described above will be permitted.

If you have questions concerning acceptable translation dictionaries, please contact the Bureau of Education and Testing, Examination Administration Unit at 850.488.5952 or you may fax your question to 850.487.9757

For courses in Spanish, please click here.

Please visit our FL Business & Contractor License Information page to learn more about the scope of work that is covered for each of the Florida State Contractor License categories.

At Florida Licenses and Corporations Inc. we want our clients to make informed decisions when choosing which Florida State Contractor Certification they wish to pursue. Our goal is to ensure that you make the best choice for you and your Business.


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