Builder’s Guide to Accounting



Builder’s Guide to Accounting, Revised Edition by Michael C. Thomsett Are you a builder, not an accountant? Can you manage your crews better than your accounts receivable? Is your time better spent at the jobsite than at a desk piled with accounting ledgers? If so, then this book is for you. It’s a comprehensive, completely revised and updated guide to construction accounting. It tells, step-by-step, and in plain English, how to choose, set up and maintain an appropriate, efficient, and practical bookkeeping system for your construction business. This book will prove invaluable for students studying for contractor’s license exams, teachers of contractor’s license preparation courses, self-employed builders & construction contractors, and developers. You won’t find incomprehensible economics/accounting theory here. You get straightforward, practical information and advice on how to: build a customized accounting system from the ground up, set up an easy-to-use depreciation system that complies with IRS rules; keep records of job costs, do trend analysis & budgeting; handle sales & accounts receivable; set bad debt procedures; manage payroll, materials & inventory; prepare financial statements – when, how, which & why; maintain ledgers and balance sheets; and close the books. For students and teachers, or builders who want to check their understanding as they go along, this new edition includes a self-test section at the end of each chapter.

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