Corporate Wellness Consulting/Coaching

Hiring a wellness consultant has many valuable benefits for mid and intermediate sized companies. Employers have become increasingly aware of the cost effective benefits of employing healthy and happy staff. Many business have discovered that employee wellness is the key to maximizing profits through increased productivity.

Our professional wellness consultant will help you design and implement preventative programs that reduce workplace related stress, improve employee morale, increase productivity, and facilitate effective communication and team building. Our total wellness programs are focused on group holistic mental and physical wellness and tailored to meet the individual needs of your business.

Corporate Wellness

We believe corporate wellness consulting is an art and a science. The ‘science’ combines research findings, behavioral change theory, and best practices to support the principle that healthier lifestyles, self-care, and effective communications skills can reduce risks, produce positive outcomes, increase employee retention, and help contain health care costs. The ‘art’ is in the design and customization of your company’s individual health and wellness program services, educational messages, marketing, and communication materials to fit the unique needs and learning styles of individuals within a client corporation.

We also offer workplace common area design to enable employees to be naturally engaged, therefore stimulating growth and innovation. Connectedness through the right workplace environment is what builds a culture and keeps people engaged at work. The design and layout of your workspaces and common areas should encourage and promote interaction. Your business should include a comfortable, energetic atmosphere that keeps employees happy and proud to be a part of your organization. In our design consulting we consider common areas, recreational outlets, and spaces for your team members to intentionally and unintentionally collaborate both formally and informally. The design of the workplace contributes to the level of emotional engagement individuals have with their work and therefore dramatically contributes to improved productivity.

Our qualified wellness consultant is an MSW, CBC, NCCHWC Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and member of the (ICPA) Institute of Coaching Professional Association. Our company offers a wide array of cost-effective services that incorporate wellness programs into company strategies for promoting a healthier and more productive work place including:

    • -Educational Seminars

    • -Stress-Management Interventions

    • -Work-Life Balance Support Groups

    • -Team Building Programs

    • -Mindfulness Workshops

    • -Group and Individual Certified Health and Wellness Coaching

    • -Weekend Team Building/Stress Management Workshops

We understand that small, mid, and intermediate sized business face unique challenges and may not always have access to the network of employee resources available to larger corporations. We specialize in providing extensive work with Business Owners, Human Resources, and Employee Assistance Plans providing training and education on available community resources and assistance with facilitating referrals to improve employee wellness, retention, and productivity.

Contact us today and let us develop an individualized plan to help you improve productivity and boost your revenue through corporate wellness.